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We have superimposed the competences that support data-driven organizational development (Prof. Albert van Assen ƚ). This makes it possible to check to which level someone is competent to work on specific deliverables; examples:
  • Visualizing and simulating current processes.
  • Collecting the correct data for root cause analyzes.
  • The facilitation of a group of experts who prepare process models
  • Designing a new factory or organization.
You asses at how competent you are, what you want to further develop and whether you want to be certified.
“Mine” yourself by starting below and working your way up. Check the boxes that your competences meet, and show which ones still need to be developed.

  • design & create monitors
  • textmining in an organisational context; potential
  • measurables / non-measurables / experiences & expectations / events / life changing events
  • redesigning a process log / parameter settings
  • process- and product relations – market baskets
  • TIED- (Schumacher) & root cause analyses
  • design rules for events, processes, teams and people’s perspectives;
  • minimal structure
  • tile wise development of teams
  • dealing with non-compliancy
  • domain specific systems and structures
  • flow performances
  • analysing flow structures
  • processmining in practise (coursera etc.)
  • policy: goals and deployment
  • soft systems methodology (Checkland)
  • sociotechnical analyses & design
  • Statistical Process Control (Validation <-> DOE)
  • qualitative process analyses (Qmap)


  • Text mining
  • Develop structure simulation
  • Design structural log
  • Processmining tools
  • Statistical analyses tools
  • UR-U templates
  • Create log
  • Set up data-structure
  • Retrieve data
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