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Mining Improvements

people ~ processes ~ data


You work, organize, provide services … especially for others. You grow, change course, shrink and think: “there must be more to it”.

You not only professionalize in technical terms, you work independently or together with and for others and you can handle data in a practical and functional way; so that people like to appeal to you.

UR-U is there for you!

  • You attach importance to gaining an objective and quick overview of the existing production or service flow and potential improvements. You use data without bothering many people.
  • You want a well-founded picture of what your new layout and organization will look like. What it will yields and costs you.
  • You want to demonstrably bring your independence and cooperation skills to a professional level and thereby make practical and functional use of data: UR-ok.
  • You are looking for innovative partners for the longer term: UR-U!

Our mission

"Facilitating organizational development based on data by professionalizing people and improving processes"
We professionalize employees in working independently, working together and working for their customers. When controlling, improving and innovating, they think in processes and make practical and functional use of knowledge and data.
We help you to set up a good organization for your customers, your employees and your suppliers; end-to-end.
Providing services, producing, managing, improving, collaborating, innovating and developing are your processes, they add value to your relationships.
We help you to gain insight into your organization based on data and to improve it in a process-oriented way. Process mindedness is the key.
Data makes it possible to contribute globally to improvement without getting on a plane. It works quantitatively and objectively and you do not immediately have to "bother anyone". You can also monitor with the same data, which is the basis for your management and improvement.
We extract improvements from data. Fast, objective and without bothering people particularly. We professionalize you in the practical and applied use of data.



What you want! We analyze, improve, design and implement.

With UR-U as a PROJECT we show you how your organization actually functions. We predict how it will perform if it improves. We implement the improvement. We monitor the result.


You improve yourself or with the professionals you know. After all, you decide what will be improved and by whom.

Perhaps we can help you with UR-U as a TRAINING. We assess the level of improvers, provide training advice and, where necessary, provide the training itself. They range from making process models, making practical use of knowledge and data, to organizing processes themselves.


The step from analysis to dashboard is small.

As an alarm function for when things get out of hand. To trace the history of a product. To test whether you work compliant. As the basis for continuous improvement. As a simulation environment by predicting the effects of intended adjustments, even before they are introduced at all.
All of this is offered by UR-U as a MONITOR.


You have a unique challenge and want to see it completed.

With UR-U as an ORDER we work together to make an improvement.

You do have data but not the organization for data-driven improvement. It is not your core business, but you can see its enormous value.

With UR-U as a SUBSCRIPTION we do the work for you.

You see that the combination of data, processes and people puts you first in your business.

With UR-U as a development PARTNER you get all UR-U tools available and we develop together on the basis of progressive cases.

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